So You Had A Bad Day?

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"Blue Monday". This is one of my favorite paintings by Annie Lee.

“Blue Monday”. This is one of my favorite paintings by Annie Lee.

Have you ever had dark thoughts? I mean the type of thoughts that make it hard for you to look in the mirror or consider yourself a “good person”. Those are the kind of thoughts I’ve been battling for months. I’ve been so consumed with sadness that it has been easier to talk about everything else but the one thing that is truly bothering me. Why? Because there is nothing worse than when a person catches you when you’ve hit your bottom. It’s the equivalent of crying at work (I HATE CRYING AT WORK!!!).

But, I’ve realized that I’m being a hypocrite. The reason I started Mommy’s Open Diary is because I wanted to provide a place where parents could feel comfortable saying the things that only other parents can relate to. I wanted a place where good people could have bad days and not feel judged. How can this be my goal if I am not willing to be the first to say, “I’m not in a good place right now?”

Please note that the next posts to follow on Mommy’s Open Diary may contain content you do not agree with. You may decide that this is not a website you want to support. If this is the case, I respectfully understand and appreciate your visits to date.

My diary entry is this, “You can’t have a testimony without a test. And I’m revving up for a major exam.” (stay tuned)

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