Some Pain Comes Tailored Made

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These last three months have been coming at me fast, but oddly I find myself taking its impact like Neo dodging bullets in the matrix. I’m not saying, “I haven’t been hit.” But, the lessons I’m learning are making me stronger.

My younger cousin lost her grandmother yesterday, and as I spoke with her this morning, I reflected on the pain of losing our grandfather. Oddly, when grandpa died I was around my cousin’s age, a recent Morgan State graduate breaking into the marketing world.

Good grandparents act as a child’s first cheerleader. They see your magic even as the world is pointing out your flaws. They are a grandchild’s “ride or die” and, if you’re the first born, “Fugetaboutit!” It’s a wrap. Ain’t nobody messing with your clique.

So, when God calls home the people who love you the hardest, you wear the loss for the rest of your life…as well you should. The feeling becomes perfectly tailored to your heart. It’s a custom fit. You can’t take it off.  It reminds you that they’re still here.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, “Losing the people you love, hurts like hell. But, life is better when you’re surrounded by angels you know.”

Dedicated to Mrs. Johnson, Frederick Taylor Sr. and all those we’re missing. #LoveEndures

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