NewWebsiteImage_2I’ve always been a private person.  I don’t invite many people into my home, I don’t like talking about money and please don’t ask me questions like, “When was your last bowel movement?” Nope, not me. I keep things close to my chest. But, on August 24, 2011, I gave birth to our first son, then two years later we found out we were pregnant again “with twins”! My world has been flipped upside down in the most beautiful and exhausting way. I have to talk about life to keep myself from going insane.

This is who I am– a wife, a mother and a CEO. In recent years, I’ve lost my filter and I’m having fun reintroducing myself to “myself”. I would love to share my experiences with you, with the hope that we can help each other navigate this exciting, tiring, all-consuming thing called, “Adulthood”. Welcome! This is Mommy’s Open Diary, the perfect place for not so perfect parents.


This site is for imperfect people with a sense of humor and an open mind. There is no room for judgment or negativity. Raising a child or helping friends or family members who are now parents is a challenge for all involved. Sometimes things get messy and situations are not the most ideal. But, if you are a person who wakes up day-after-day with the intention to do the best you can to raise your children, then Mommy’s Open Diary is the place for you.