Resilience Is Revealed During Prosperity Brunches in Baltimore

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I’m fascinated by the resilience of black people. Call it self-love, black magic or favor; no matter the name, all my years of living have proven 5 things:

#1. I Know to Wear Cute Socks.

From the moment I received the invitation to my friend’s Prosperity Brunch, I knew I didn’t have to get glam. In this crowd, your “substance” is your style. Plus, I don’t know many people who don’t have a “no shoes” policy in their home. Do you know where the soles of your shoes have been? Yuck!

#2. I Know to Google all Recent Films Written, Produced, Directed and/or Starring People of Color.

To hell with the fact that I have three children under the age of seven and no babysitter. As people of color, we feel the responsibility to “show up” and “support our own”. We are the generation that added swag to the adage “Representation Matters!” So, though I haven’t seen Green Book, Moonlight, or If Beale Street Could Talk, best believe I know enough to “talk that talk”!

#3. I Know If You Look Far Enough Down Your Line Everyone Is From The Islands.

Random Person 1: Cause you know, my great-grandmother’s family is from the West Indies.

Random Person 2: Yea, I’m Grenadian on my cousin’s left-hand side.

Voice From the Corner: I’m from New Orleans!

Random Person 1: Did you say, “New Orleans?!” Well hell, that’s close enough!

#4. I Know that Libations Are A Must!

No matter how vegan, gluten-free or no soy people are, alcohol will always be a part of a healthy diet.

#5. I Know That In A Room Full of Strangers, I Will Never Feel too Strange.

It is difficult to be in the company of smart educated black people and not be able to compare our journeys. We have all walked similar paths and sat at the same proverbial table. We have all toed the line, bridged the gap and translated for all scorned sides. No matter how many times the finish line is moved, we run the world’s race with our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and cousins all shouting, “That’s my baby” from the stands! 

Oh yes, there is something beautiful about the resilience of black people. It reminds you that James Baldwin was right, “Our crown has already been bought and paid for. All we have to do is wear it.”

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