Put My Baby At The Top Of The List!

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I was having lunch with a friend of mine who has a four-month old son and we were discussing the pressure of being mothers. We would love to stay home with our children but financially that is not feasible. Then, the conversation shifted to how expensive these little people are. And did you know that on top of washing and feeding them, you are expected to have them educated? Jeesh! When does it end with these kids?!?!

Copyright MOD. Do not download without permission.I am going on record, right now, as the creator of a new movie premise. The film will be entitled “The List” and it is based on new parents who have to scramble to get their child into the best daycare, best nursery school and best elementary school to ensure they are in the best position to go to the best college which will afford them to live the best life ever <sigh>!

OH MY GOD! These “lists” are unbelievable. It’s real in these parenting streets…and to think, my husband and I are just getting started!

Do you know how many $50 deposits we will never see again because we had to “submit” an application fee just to get on the list?

At 7 months, we took Shawn to a walk-though at a preschool and the instructor informed us that we were late in the “exploring process”. REALLY?!?! I just gave birth to this child yesterday, how are we late? She went on to explain that most parents are researching schools and programs during the nine month pregnancy period. WTF?!?!?! I swear I was going to “put hands on her”, but after a deep breath I realized it was unlikely that physical assault would help Shawn make the list.Copyright MOD. Do not download without permission.

I have always considered myself to be “on top of things”, but the search for daycare programs and schools is a daunting task for protective parents.

And guess what, sometimes making “The List” is the least of your worries. Do you know how much some of these programs cost? We are talking mortgage payments people! I read a CNN report that stated the average child born today will cost a parent roughly $235,000 by time the child is 17 years old, and based on some of the schools I’m seeing, I think $235K was a low-ball.

Shawn is 17-months and I don’t think I would be as “mildly sane” as I am if it weren’t for parents who are willing to share information and give inside tips. Everyone wants to be on the right list…but I am reminding myself to breath and remember that as long as Shawn is at the top of “our” list. My baby is going to be alright!

My diary entry is, “These lists will not be the death of me!”


  1. After just reading your blog about math and baby ages I am cracking up that you said your son was 17 months in this post.

    Maybe we can’t help it and we don’t even know it. lol

    • Thanks for posting Mimi. I’m really okay with “using months”…just within proper context. When people are asking regarding nursery schools or doctor visits, I say HAVE AT IT! But, when a stranger asks me as a casual conversation starter I throw out estimates, “he’ll be a year and a half next month.” 🙂

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