Anti Monkey Butt Ointment & Powder

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S Dot at the pediatrician

It may not be the sexiest name on the market, but Anti Monkey Butt products are miracle workers. Shawn had his first bought of “diaper rash” at about 7 to 8 months. I was horrified because in my mind I thought that because he was drinking breast milk exclusively, he would be protected. So, of course when I went to change his diaper, and he went berserk, I felt horrible–especially when I saw his tears. At the time, Shawn rarely shed tears (unlike the crocodile one’s he cries now). I took a closer look at his backside and it was raw! Seeing how much pain my baby was in, I was sick inside. My husband called the Pediatrician and he recommended that we keep him as dry as possible. Of course, my husband and I went to the internet, and below is what we did:

“We soaked S Dot in a warm bath with baking soda.”

·         We soaked Shawn in a warm bath with baking soda. It provided him relief, while making it easier on us to clean his bottom.

·         We patted him dry versus wiping him

·         We changed his diaper nearly every hour just to ensure nothing could irritate his skin

·         We used monkey butt paste along with monkey butt powder

At the time, Shawn was sleeping a little longer at night, at least five to sometimes a 10-hour stretch. So, we would form a nice layer of protection on Shawn bottom using a mix of Vaseline, Monkey Butt and Monkey Butt Powder. We would rub it in and Shawn would look like he really had an “orangutan bottom”. Some may say it was an overkill, but we felt more assured that when Shawn soiled his diaper while sleeping his very raw and sensitive skin had a thick layer of protection.

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