The One Flaw Of Having ALL Boys…

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I always said that if I have children I only want boys, and boy was God listening!

Now as I look at my three sons and try to imagine what their future holds, I realize the one flaw of not having a daughter. I will never experience the joy of helping my daughter find her fairytale dress for her storybook wedding.IMG_7821 I will not be my daughter’s first call after she feels my grandchild move in her womb for the first time. These are intimate moments that are traditionally shared between a mother and her daughter. It has now hit me that when my sons find the woman they choose to spend the rest of their lives with, I will become the “mother-in-law”. Even the title sounds cold. Mother-In-Law, the “in-law” basically reinforces that your rights as a mother are limited.

Granted, if the mother-in-law has a fair relationship with her son’s future wife she may still be included in these monumental occasions, but don’t get it twisted, she will have to play the background to her daughter-in-law’s mother. And, who are we fooling, after you have spent nine grueling months carrying your son, 16 excruciating hours in labor with your son, 18 tumultuous years raising your son, and seven years on your knees praying that God covers your son as he ventures out into this wild world on his own…by time your son is 25 years old you are not jumping at the chance to see him rush down the aisle or become someone’s “baby father” after being in a relationship for only a few months.

IMG_7766I am starting to realize that it’s not that mothers aren’t willing to give another woman a chance with their son, it is the fact that there is no woman on earth who will have spent more time loving your son than you have. And, sometimes, that can be a difficult pill for “protective mothers like me” to swallow. Wow, I’m starting to get a headache. I called my girlfriend who is also a mother of boys and I shared my revelation, she responded, “Umm, before we worry about our son’s future wife, let’s focus on which brand of diapers to buy and what preschool we’re going to send them to?”

My diary entry is this, “I hope my son’s future wife is an orphan.”  🙂







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