Take These Babies…Please!

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If you have never threatened to throw your baby out of a window, put them in the dryer or leave them on a strangers door step, than congratulations, you’re a better parent than I am.

Look, I know the only way babies have of communicating themselves is through crying, but after a while “something has got to give”.

lock me upAfter you have changed them, fed them, burped them and rocked them while humming every song in the book, you would think that the natural progression would be for the baby to fall asleep, right? No. Babies defy logic. Believe me, when you have done all that you physically can to soothe your child there is nothing more mind numbing than listening to them scream at the top of their lungs at 3 o’clock in the morning. No, the baby does not have colic, or a diaper rash. No, they don’t have an ear infection or sore gums. The baby is just screaming to scream. Oh, and don’t forget to multiply those high pitched shrills times two (lucky me)!!

After a few weeks with my twin boys I was convinced that they were military sleeper cells, sent by the government to torture me–miniature terrorist using sleep deprivation to break my spirit and free will. But, luckily I am blessed with a strong support system consisting of a supportive husband, family and friends who bring me food and allow me to take naps and long showers. I have people in my life who are willing to help me, because help is what is needed in raising a child–especially three of them.

I often think about the young teenage girls I see pushing baby strollers with their eyes blurred by their new reality. A person who brings a child into the world unprepared for the responsibility could not fathom the toll parenting places on your life. In those moments in the dark holding my screaming twins, postpartum depression spinning my hormones into a cyclone of rage, I think of the women who snapped. Their intentions were good, but they simply were not equipped for the challenge.  You think to yourself, that would never be me, but I’ve had my moments, those times when I had to walk away from my screaming twins– shut the bedroom door, go into the bathroom, sit on the edge of the tub and hang my head. In those moments I have been blessed to be given the clarity of mind to step away and breathe.

Raising a child is not easy. I have a two year old son and twin newborn boys, everyday I wake up and all three of my children are smiling is a blessing, yet I can’t help but think about those parents who were brought to the edge and had no one to pull them back.

My diary entry is this, “You don’t realize the length of the fall until you jump.”




  1. I constantly say I’m going to put them on the roof. After Tyler was born I have thought over and over again that I am a horrible person, because I can’t seem to get things right anymore. Someone is always crying, throwing a tantrum, or just full out ignoring everything I say. I cry a lot because I swear no one is having as hard a time with only two kids as I am.

    What I am basically saying is you are my hero, because you are going through this with twins. Hugs to you and I totally get wondering about those women who didn’t have someone to bring them back.

    • Donna, YOU are my hero. You are doing a beautiful job raising your beautiful boys. I am so happy there are people out there like you who I can relate too.

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