Real Fathers Don’t Need An Applause

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Copyright of MOD. Do not download without permission.One of my favorite Chris Rock bits is “I Take Care of My Kids”. Too often men are celebrated for doing what they are supposed to do. Their parade marches down the street to the sound of praise, while women receive a pity party and walk away labeled a statistic. I am surrounded by enough hard working women who are raising their beautiful and talented children alone to know that this isn’t fair.

My father didn’t expect a gold-medal for being a good father, being a good father is his gold-medal. Today, I believe we live in a society where the lack of father figures is so prevalent, that when you come across a man who is actually doing what he is supposed to do, we are in awe…it is as if we’ve stumbled across a mythical creature called “The Good Daddy”.

I knew when I decided to launch Mommy’s Open Diary with Devyn’s video that I would receive a few raised eyebrows. But, I had my reasons.  Nowadays, some people turn a deaf ear to the important story of women forced to raise thier family without the support of the father. Unfortunately, this heroic tale has been shared so often that the effect is numbing. This is why I love Part I of Devyn’s video, because he shares this “all too familiar story” with a tone that is compelling and eye-opening.

My diary entry is this, “For some, parenting is a chore, but for others it’s an honor.”

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