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Copyright MOD. Do not download without permission.Description: A children’s simple, rhyming board book.

Review: When I first purchased this book, I read through it and said, “That’s it? Where’s the rest of it!” I honestly didn’t think that it would hold S Dot’s attention. We read it to him once, and it didn’t have much of an effect on him. But, that is the perculiar thing about S Dot (or maybe most babies). There are some things he will try once and instantly fall in love, then there are things that will take numerous attempts before you can definitively say “he doesn’t like it”–and this has been the case with over 80% of things we have introduced to him. With this in mind, don’t give up on this book. S Dot was not a fan of Peek-A-Who when we introduced it to him at 8 months, but two months later our son couldn’t get enough…and still can’t.


  • It is strange to me that they have a “green ghost” as one of the characters. Of course, S Dot doesn’t know what a ghost is, so as long as I don’t make it scary everyone is fine.
  • His favorite pages are the Owl, Train and Mirror!

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