Parents Don’t Get Holidays Off!

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S Dot (the first born)

It has been a long f@#king week! Oh yeah, you better cover your ears because it’s about to get “diaper rash raw” in this joint.

Traveling to see both sets of families during the holidays (long distance) with two infants and a toddler is enough to make any reasonable parent curse.

S Dot (the two year old) has unlimited energy and his favorite word is “No!”, Old Man (the younger more menacing looking twin) was in a fussy mood because his twin brother (The Lion) was sick and therefore received more attention. Now Lion wasn’t your average “baby sick”…a few coughs and the sniffles. He was literally projectile vomiting every bottle he drank. And when he wasn’t drinking a bottle he would throw-up whatever liquid his stomach could produce. It reached the point that we stopped putting clothes on him, we stripped him down to his diaper, ditched the cute burping cloths and wrapped him like a burrito in an over-sized luxury beach towel. Did I mention it was “luxury”?


Old Man (If looks could kill, he’d be wanted for murder)

It was a madhouse I tell you! Between washing and folding clothes every three hours, running back and forth to the doctor’s office, rolling around on the floor trying to entertain S Dot and balancing crying babies while vomit dripped down my bra, my husband and I did not have a moment to breathe. So, excuse my language if I dreaded the thought of traveling to our families homes for the holidays.

Do you know how tedious it is to pack for two newborns and a toddler (who isn’t potty trained)? I’m talking diaper bags, strollers, boppy pillows, rock and plays, bottles, bottle warmers,  booster seats, snacks, DVDs, toys, medicine, pacifiers, bibs, a back-up change of clothes, a “back-up” to the “back-up” change of clothes, camera,  phone charger and the dishes you were asked to make for dinner? You add all of this to the weight of carrying two huge ass infant car seats, and I guarantee you that it will be difficult to find kind words when you are finally driving to your destination with a Honda Pilot full of screaming babies and you have to make a U-turn because you forgot your got damn cell phone—which (by the way) you left on the kitchen table next to your got damn wallet!!!


The Lion (He doesn’t cry, he “roars”)

Of course nursery school was closed last week, so we had a full house. And, no matter how much people say, “just let us know how we can help” no one was trying to come over and watch our three children. Wait! Except for my friends who live around the corner. I know they would have helped if we asked but considering that they watched S Dot and the Old Man the day after Christmas so my husband and I could take the Lion to Patient First, we couldn’t turn around and ask them for more help.

Man, I remember when the holidays use to mean a few days of relaxation, but when a couple decides to have children, everyday is a work day and there is no rest for the weary.

My diary entry is this, “Next year our family has to come to us!”


If there is anyone who has a problem with my language, feel free to come over and babysit–overnight?


  1. I can feel your pain. I have been there 3,2, 10 months and 5 years apart . Send me a message I have children of age to babysit

    • Calandra,

      I take my hat off to you. Heck, I would take off all of my clothes just to prove how in “awe” of you I am 🙂 That is amazing. Thank you for sharing and posting. Please continue to support.

  2. I have made the same pledge. I refused to travel all around this year. My son is 2 1/2 and I am 35 weeks pregnant. I had to put my foot down this year. No more running around to see everyone.

    • Khaleshia thank you for understanding!! 🙂

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