Mutual Connection

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Copyright MOD. Do not download without permissionCasey and I worked together briefly before I left for maternity leave. We were both cordial, but I didn’t overly extend myself because I like to keep my personal life separate from work (basically, I don’t want everyone up in my business). When I returned three-months later, she shared that she was expecting her first child and I immediately felt a connection–the baby connection!

I have crossed paths with many people who initially seem the complete opposite of myself. But, as soon as you get a person talking about their children the barriers begin to crumble.  Now that I have a child I am truly starting to understand that LOVE is a universal language, and it is understood regardless of economic or sociological backgrounds. Get two parents in a room who don’t know each other and you will feel the awkwardness as they try to engage each other. But, let one parent take out their cell phone and share the most recent shot of their toddler splashing and playing in the toilet bowl and now you’ve got yourself a honest conversation about the craziness that comes with raising a child.

I cried during Casey’s birthing story because I could relate.  And maybe, like me, you will see we are all connected when it comes to the love we have for our children.

My diary entry is this, “We are more alike than we think, once we sit down and listen to each others story.”

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