If I Had A Clone…

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If I had a clone, how easy it would be
The things I would accomplish would be no small feat.
The first clone would be dedicated to my son
She would never tire of reading stories and would always be ready to run.
Still, my list is too long, how will I achieve it
At least three more clones are surely needed!
One for my job,
Dedicated and true,
She would handle all the crap I hate to do.
The second would be the Cinderella of the crew
Washing and cleaning and cooking too.
The third would focus on my personal upkeep
Push-ups don’t do themselves, nor do my hair or my feet.
My brows would stay threaded as well as my top lip
Basically this clone keeps me neat and fit.
Yet, my phone is still ringing,
The text messages won’t stop
My family and friends seem to need me a lot.
I need a clone to keep up with the daily drama
Give a shoulder to cry on
Loan a few dollars.
So now I’m at five but something seems odd
I think I need a few more to balance me off.
Yes, my husband needs tending,
That’s two clones at least
A lady by his side
But a freak in sheets.
He’ll be thankful I’m sure
How sweet I can be
Who said that the clones would only service me?
Now the day is ending
The to-do list is complete
And the only thing left for ME to do is SLEEP.


  1. This is so on point to how I feel at times. Fantastic Blog.

    • Oh, thank you Arielle. I so appreciate the support.

  2. We all wish. Do your best and don’t sweat the rest; once you establish that you are good with it all. We can’t be everywhere at all times and we can’t do it all. There is no one keeping score of how much you are getting done. God is not promising you a place in heaven, a perfect marriage, life, or children based on how much you can achieve as a wife, mother, or employee. So why drive yourself crazy trying to do it all? You are doing GREAT from where I’m standing and I’m sure people have noticed and they can not tell any differently.

    • Thank you Donna. I adore you.

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