I Think I Love My Job…

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I consider myself an exceptional worker (I have the employee evaluations to prove it). I show-up every day fired up and ready to go. If a co-worker makes a request, I follow-up immediately; and if my boss asks me to lend an extra hand, I don’t shy away. Bottom-line, I take my position and my job seriously. And, after having my son, my mentality is no different. But, I do believe expectations should be adjusted when a parent returns to the workplace after having a child.

I am not the same worker I was seven years ago, I was younger, I had no attachments, no commitments, it was easier to be all things to all people, because I had no one in my personal life who required my full attention. This meant I could dedicate more to my career.

“So, you decided to wait until the end of the day to ask me to follow-up on something that requires more time than I currently have? Not, a problem.”

“I recognize this is not in my job description, but to prove my value to this organization I am going to spend my Friday, Saturday and Sunday at this festival lifting boxes, chatting with complete strangers and loading my car in 100 degree heat just to demonstrate I’m a team player.”

“Oh, instead of YOU going, you want to send ME to represent the company at a boring event from 5PM to 9PM? Count me in!”

It’s hard to leave S Dot!

“You asked other departments to complete projects and they didn’t, so instead of reprimanding or firing them, you would like to delegate their work to me, in addition to what I am already responsible for? Sounds fair!”

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that I will always face the challenge of having to prove myself—and, this is an obstacle I have no doubt I will overcome (because I’m a beast). But, as a working mother who values her reputation of being good, capable and reliable, it is difficult to say, “No!” in the workplace.  I feel that I will be looked at as a slacker if I say, “I cannot do that because I have no one to watch my son” or “No, this will have to wait until tomorrow because my son goes to bed at 7pm and I don’t want to miss another night of not being able to tuck him in”. Man, sometimes working full time in the field I love, while being a mother, is a real balancing act.

My diary entry is this, “It is not the responsibility of my employer to care about my home life, it’s mine.”

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