Hyland’s Teething Tablet & Aveeno Oatmeal Bath

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Copyright MOD. Do not download without permission.S Dot broke out into a strange rash on his stomach and arms about a month ago. Actually, we are still racking our brains to figure out where it came from. We know it was not the detergent we use for his clothes, and he didn’t eat anything different from his normal meals. The only thing we can attribute it to are the Hyland’s Teething Tablets which we gave to him for the first time the night before the rash.  I will say that the teething tables seemed to calm him, but after seeing my babies skin, I couldn’t risk the rash getting worse, so we “quit it” with the teething tablets. I cannot say that the Hyland Tablets were the definite cause, but it was too much of a coincident to chance it.

Shawn was in a fussy mood, and being covered in bumps did not help the situation, so I decided to give him a warm bath with Aveeno Oatmeal. I brought the electric heater into the bathroom to ensure it was extra toasty.  I used half the pack for the bath and let him soak in the warm water then I used the rest of the oatmeal as a paste and smeared it over the bumps. S Dot had a ball! After he was done I dried him off  and he was so quiet. It was eerie. He barely moved or spoke. I had never seen him that still. I proceed to get him dressed and this boy laid his head on my shoulders and fell fast to sleep. It was amazing.

PS. The rash went away the next day.

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  1. My little girl got the same thing from the same tablets. I’ve read other stories of baby’s breaking out with them too.

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