Gun Control–Just Hear Me Out!

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If I would have heard the news regarding Sandy Hook Elementary School 16 months ago, before the birth of my first born son, I am sandy_hook_victims_640x360_wbsure I would have been horrified that something so vile could happen to innocent people. But, last month, as my son laid in his crib for his afternoon nap, news surfaced that a man took the lives of 20 children ranging in the age of five and six, as well as killing six teachers who died protecting them, my breathe became swallow, my heart raced, my knees buckled, heat rose threw my body, my eyes welled with tears and I instantly felt nauseous. I didn’t move. I was numb. Before my son, I knew love but after his birth, I understood love, and the thought of loosing him penetrates the core of my being.

1787That is why I don’t understand the “debate” when it comes to gun control.  Yes, the Second Amendment states that citizens have the right to bear arms which I have no issue. But, please keep in mind that the constitution was written in 1787. People had muskets, which took forever to load and fired one pellet at a time. Cannons were far from portable and three pound cannon balls aren’t artillery pieces you just shoot “willy nilly”.  There is a stark difference when you compare citizens of the 1700’s to those civilians in 2013 who feel the need to carry rapid fire semi-automatic rifles that come with magazine clips that hold 10 rounds of ammunition. I think if Thomas Jefferson were around today his Facebook status would be, “WTF!”

<sigh> I am not saying that responsible adults should loose their right to own guns, and I am not proclaiming to have some grand solution, but I do know this…a compromise is necessary, restrictions are needed, government will never take the place of parents loving and nurturing their children, education & the arts should be supported throughout all cities and communities and mental health & wellness should be vigorously pursued with treatment readily available for anyone in need <out of breathe>.

Me with my first born

Me with my first born son

It is imperative that a systematic change occurs in our society, if not for our sake, than for the sake of our children.

There is a phrase that comes to mind for me whenever I hear tragedies like Sandy Hook Elementary School or countless other stories of victims of violence across the United States.

My diary entry is this, “There but for the grace of God, go I.

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