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Maybe it’s just me, but with a baby and a three-level home, the amount of “unwanted” exercise a new mother gets is ridiculous. At any given moment I would have Shawn in the basement, in the kitchen, in his nursery, back to the basement, now in the living room, and of course when I needed anything of value (i.e., the bib, my medela lanolin ointment, baby wipes, that miraculous blue “soothie” pacifier, a bottle of water, my cell phone, Shawn’s favorite tweety rattle, etc…) it was ALWAYS in the room where I wasn’t!

To overcome this annoyance, my home uniform became anything loose fitting with deep pockets! So, it was likely when guests came to visit, I was in my navy blue Adidas sweatpants, and any shirt that I could quickly slip my arm through and pull out my breast to feed Shawn (I know! Graphic…but true).

Now, would I consider this outfit sexy? Hell No! But, is it functional? Most definitely.

Heaven knows, like most women, I would love to keep it “Beyonce Chic” everyday. But, fashion sense becomes a low-level priority after being peed on, thrown-up on, and every other bodily function my son is far to willing to share. And, we haven’t even discussed the amount of time I spend crawling around on the floor with Shawn like we’re in boot camp.

My diary entry is this, “If it’s a choice between cute or comfortable, I’m choosing comfortable EVERY TIME”!


  1. I too battle with this to some degree. I put more pressure on myself than my Babe does. I don’t want my attire to scream I am a mom of an 8 year old son, 1 year old daughter, in a relationship for 9 years, gate keeper of a 3 level home that needs a maid, works a 9to5 and also has no social life, etc.

    I try so hard to pull it together, some days it works and others it doesn’t. Half of my clothes no longer fit and that’s another host of drama to burn me out.

    As women we have a lot going on. Its hard to keep your 3 inch heels on and your super mom cape but I am determined to find a way.

  2. I love love love this post! This was a big transition for me once embarking upon motherhood, one that I have embraced with wide open arms nonetheless. I have finally traded in the heels (by day at least) for tennis and flats, I wear the same outfits pretty much every weekend when running Nia around to this dance class, that dance class and oh don’t forget everyone’s birthday party. Comfort is very much the priority at this point, I just wish I’d taken this stance long ago..geesh!

    • Melody, I cannot tell you how good it feels to know that there are others out there who can relate! Thank you for commenting (and supporting). But, for the record, even in tennis and flats everyone knows that YOU are too fly!

  3. I have this discussion with my husband all of the time. He is always questioning my outfits. However, he fails to realize that my son will always want mommy to carry him and have everything that he needs. I have to dress for the part.

    • Khaleshia I have to remind myself that we are not paid to be supermodels. And, what’s REALLY funny, is that our babies could careless! Thank you for supporting MOD!!!

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