Dream Big

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MLK I woke up this morning with a thought…“Most dreams are strongest when you are experiencing them. Then, when you awake the memory feels real but a bit distant. And, as time passes, the details of the dream become a blur…yet the feeling always remains.”

Today marks the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as well as the 2nd inauguration of our nation’s first African-American President, Barack Obama. During the president’s first campaign my son Shawn wasn’t even an idea. Yet, I did see how Barack Obama’s run for office affected other children. Of course, for most children the meaning behind Barack Obama’s historic rise had to be explained to them by those much older. And, it was then that it hit me. This chapter in history carries a different footnote for each generation that reads it. 012013-national-president-obama-michelle-daughters-sworn-in-inaugurationFor my mother and father, they think of the trials their parents experienced growing-up in Richmond Virginia and South Carolina, it was Dr. King’s dream in action; for my grandparents, they think of the challenges they overcame to ensure the livelihood of their family, it was Dr, King’s dream personified and for people like my great-grandmother (who past in October 2012 at the age of 94) the election of Barack Obama made her feel that the harsh life she survived actually birthed purpose, it was Dr. King’s dream “alive”.Copyright of MOD. Do not download without permission.

But, today, as we roll around on the floor with our 16-month-old son playing and laughing, we are slowing sharing the details of a dream that was long since dreamt but the feeling remains. When he is old enough, we will say, “yes, the election and re-election of our nations 44th President was viewed as Dr. King’s dream personified, in action and alive…but it is yet to be fulfilled”.Copyright of MOD. Do not download without permission.

As long as there are injustices in the world spurred by racism, you cannot say that Dr. King’s dream has been realized, but we are blessed… “Black, white, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics”, we live in a time where we do not question whether are dreams are obtainable; because we have witnessed enough to truly believe that anything is possible. So, though we have so much further to go, I will raise my son to not be discouraged but aware, to not be clouded by hate but understand the strength of love, and never believe he is inferior…for he is the product of generations that have seen far worse and still prevailed.

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