Devyn – Being A Father

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If you listen to the media, people like Devyn don’t exist– young, African-American men who love their children whether biological or not. Yes, unlike leprechauns, these people are real, and for every father who isn’t willing to “step-up”, there are still some men in the world who are willing to “step-in”. This interview was so good, we had to divide it into chapters. This is Devyn’s Story, Part I.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing. This is a beautiful story. I agree with Jennifer…at first I was thinking yet another man being praised for doing what he should be doing (I’m fine with that but we hear that story all the time) but this is definitely a story that should be recognized. It was moving and well done!

    • Zarinah, I am just happy that people like you and Jennifer gave it a chance. Thank you! Thank you! Keep coming back!

  2. When I first saw this post I thought, here we go again, another story for a father getting overly praised for being a parent when mothers that do the same are just…parenting. Thank you #MOD for this eye opening, transparent video and thank you Devyn for your contribution. You gave insight to real men out there, that though I know exist, often can’t put a face to them and therefore…well you know what they say , out of sight, out of mind.

    I am soooo PROUD of you!!!!!! I absolutely love your website! I’m really touched by Devyns entry. It’s one of those moments when you watch something and realize you have grown. That is pretty powerful and also inspiring.

    Keep up the great work. I’m enjoying watching your vision unfold.



    p.s. Your hair is FABULOUS dahling…just FABULOUS.

    • Thank you Jennifer for sharing your thoughts. I can definitely understand your apprehension, but I am so thankful you took the time to soak the video in. I love Devyn’s story, and I’ll be honest, I had to stop during the interview a few times to laugh and cry. I can’t wait to share the rest of his story.
      Again, I value your support. The vision for MOD is unfolding and I’m enjoying the journey.

      PS. As for my hair…it’s all about Natural Hollywood dahling! (Google it!!) 😉

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